5 Best Practices for Making Your Business Premises Safer

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One of the biggest responsibilities of a business owner is to ensure the safety of their employees in the workplace. Unfortunately, not all employers feel the same way, often underestimating or even outright ignoring the potential dangers lurking in their business premises. This neglect can lead not only to workplace accidents and injuries, it may also drastically compromise the company’s resources, as well as its damaging its reputation among the public. That said, here are some of the best practices in making a workplace safer and more secure.

Ensure that your electrical facilities are secured

No matter how sophisticated the security measures you’ve applied to your workplace, all it takes for criminal elements to burgle it is to shut off the power to your building. Make sure that your power box and other vital electrical facilities are not only in a secure location but that only trusted staff or maintenance employees can access it. Having circuit breakers and safety switches installed in your business property can also protect your equipment and staff in the long run as they can prevent electrical fires and electric shocks caused by power anomalies.

Have your workplace inspected regularly

Safety codes exist for a reason, and you want to make sure that your place of business adheres to them for the sake of your employees as well as your revenue. As such, have an electrician inspect your business premises regularly to check whether or not there may be a risk of electrical fire or electrocution in your workplace. You can also have a certified fire inspector check the property to find out if there are any other fire hazards that you need to resolve ASAP. Regular inspection is one of those things that you really don’t want to skimp on no matter how expensive it can get. It can not only help save your business but also save the lives of employees under your care.

Hire security staff

Another security-increasing measure you can look into is the hiring of security personnel to safeguard your business premises, as well as keep a close watch on those who enter or leave it. This serves as a visual deterrent against those who may seek to commit crimes in your workplace, as well as help your employees feel protected and secure as they go about their tasks. If your business deals with crucial tasks such as those related to government work or safekeeping clients’ assets, having security staff in place can help prevent information and property theft.

Install a camera surveillance system and an access control system

Hiring security personnel is essential, but they can’t always be around in every nook and cranny of your business premises. As such, you need surveillance camera system that allows your security personnel to actively monitor all areas of your business at all times. You must also consider installing access control systems that will allow you to more efficiently manage who enters your business premises, as well as who goes into the restricted areas within it. Camera surveillance and access control systems are powered by high-performance miniature motors that can operate over a wide range of speeds and provide consistent performance output.

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Ensure that all emergency scenarios are adequately prepared for

Adequately preparing for emergency scenarios includes having a sprinkler system installed, conducting earthquake and fire drills, and having fire extinguishers and first aid kits within easy each. When it comes to emergency equipment, it is important to make sure that your office is not only stocked with them but also that your staff is trained in their use.

Make sure that you have powerful cyber security solutions in place

Cybercrime is rampant nowadays, and with many businesses relying on the Internet to not only augment their work processes but ultimately to perform their main business functions, it is important for your business to have robust cyber security measures in place. These include employing monitoring solutions, practicing network segmentation, and establishing a comprehensive security policy that increases employee awareness and comprehension of relevant threats to your organization. Train your staff to recognize the signs of a cyber attack or malicious cybercriminal activity since cybercriminals often rely on employee confusion and inexperience to pull off their scams.

Workplace safety and security is a serious matter, even if not all people—business owners include—like to contemplate about it. After all, doing so makes you assume the worst is just around the corner, causing you to jump at shadows and fall prey to paranoia. This doesn’t change the fact that it is still an important issue to tackle, and one that needs to be resolved in order to preserve the safety of your staff and ensure the long-term stability of your company.

Our advice here is to consult not just professionals but also your workplace teams, as they may also be able to tell you in which areas of security your business is currently lacking, or what makes them feel ‘unsafe’. Not only will you be able to protect your company from unfortunate circumstances (should they happen) but you also make your employees as invested and responsible for the company’s safety as well as their own.

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