4 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice is not a field for everyone. It demands a particular skill set and character. However, it can be a very fulfilling sector if you fit the proper criteria. And because of the specialized nature of criminal justice, the field offers tons of great opportunities for those who are ready to take the call. Here are four reasons why everybody should consider a career in criminal justice.

Job Stability

One of the main reasons why criminal justice is such a great field is because of stability. Since the demand for criminal justice professionals is always very high and the supply of new graduates remains pretty steady, your position is very unlikely to be in danger. Furthermore, while crime has somewhat decreased in the US in various categories, crime isn’t going anywhere soon and since you’ll most likely be working as a public servant, your job is pretty much secured as long as you remain on the straight and narrow.

You’ll have the Chance to Serve Your Community

For some reason, a lot of people forget that working in criminal justice should focus first and foremost on serving the community. Besides the bad rap law enforcement gets, many still believe in that credo and want to help others more than anything. If you have the proper inclination, this is a chance to truly make a change in your community on the grassroots level.

Mental Stimulation

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If you think the field of criminal justice is not intellectually challenging, think again. Since you’ll most likely be working with criminals, you’ll have to be able to adapt yourself to a wide variety of situations and become a psychologist of sorts. You’ll have to deal with different types of personalities and learn to defuse conflicts. You might also be called to work as a sort of counselor and will have to develop razor sharp problem-solving skills.

In addition, you might be called to make quick decisions on a dime, especially if you end up in law enforcement. Those seeking higher positions will often be called to pursue a masters in criminal justice to get ahead. The good news is that you can always pursue an online masters in criminal justice in your downtime to further your chances for advancement.

Great Security Net

Criminal justice positions usually come with tons of great health and retirement benefits. Since you’ll most likely work as a public servant, you’ll have access to some of the best healthcare coverage available, especially if you land a job with the federal government. Criminal justice professionals also have access to life insurance, tuition assistance, a plethora of paid holidays, and more. In addition, law enforcement officers are eligible for retirement after only 20 years, making it the perfect position if you want to retire early.


If you were still on the fence about criminal justice as a career choice, we hope this article was able to sway you in the right direction. Criminal justice is a great field if you want to serve your community and enjoy great job stability at the same time. And as a public servant, you’ll have access to great benefits as well. If you think you have what it takes to make it in the field, you should definitely consider pursuing a career in criminal justice.

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