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A recommendation letter is the formal letter way of recommending the person for a particular purpose, which may be the employment,scholarship program,admission into an institution etc. This letter is basically written by an authoritative person who has the such rights or the influence to write this letter. 

The recommendation letters are typically written or addressed to the employers,educational institutions to recommend them a person, who is perfect for the concerned job or the admission into these institutions/organisation. 

In the letter of recommendation the author of the letter basically analyses the character,qualities or the skills of the concerned person and proves that why the such person is the appropriate candidate for the concerned employment or the admission consideration. 

The letter of recommendation is a very commonly used letter, which is used at a very wide scale to provide the reference of a particular person to other organisations/institutions. 

If you are looking forward to write the letter of recommendation for any such person then you must draft this letter by keeping some points in your consideration. 

Here in this article we are going to compile those tips for your consideration in the free calendar format,which you can use as a reminder on your desk to draft the recommendation letter. 

These calendar tips would enable you to draft this letter in a fully professional manner, which can be addressed to any kind of institutions or the organisations.

Moreover if you want the free template of these tips in the printable format then you can also get it from here. 

Here below are the tips which you must follow to draft this letter of recommendation.

  • First of all as the author of the recommendation letter you must have the full information about the candidate for whom the recommendation is being made.

  • Secondary you must seek the full information about the employer or the Institution to whom the letter of recommendation has to be addressed as it will enable you to write the letter in the similar manner.

  • A letter of recommendation is just like any other formal letter thus it must be started in the same manner and you can start it by mentioning your name in the top left side of the letter followed by the date.

  • Address the receiver in the respectful manner if you have the information about the receiver such as “Dear Mr.Charles” and if you don’t have information about the receiver then you may simply write “To Whom It May Concern”.

  • Now start the main body of the letter by praising the candidate in the recommendation as it is always the best way of making recommendation.

  • State in the letter that how you know the candidate and how your first interaction with the candidate took place.

  • Next you can state that how the particular candidate has impressed you in particular to make this recommendation for the candidate.

  • You can state the qualification education,working experience,achievements or the accomplishment of the candidate in a brief manner.

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  • You can here distinguish between the success of the candidate with the other benchamark to prove that how this candidate is different from the others.

  • Keep in your mind that you don’t have to exaggerate anything in the letter which isn’t there in the candidate just state what is legitimate about the candidate.

  • State the other facts about the work ethics or the character of the candidate such as how the working skills of the candidate have got the improvement and what is candidates looking forward next in life.

  • With it you can at last end your letter with the affirmative words such as “You have been really impressed with the character and the working abilities of the candidate and you are sure of the fact that this candidate is going to be the one of the best candidate for the organisation.

  • Now just end the letter with your name and the contact information at the end so that you can be reached in case the organisation/institutions want to reach you for any additional information. 

  • We would like to suggest you that before you address this letter to the concerned organisation have a preview of the letter by an independent organisation so that you can get the neutral feedback and improve the letter if you want.

So, this is how you can prepare the letter of recommendation for any person very easily and the more samples are also available for this letter, in case if you need the additional reference for the same.

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